1. All artworks are copyright of Shweta Ektare and no images are to be used without my consent. I retain the full rights to all artworks, whether sold or commissioned, (unless purchaser has specifically paid for copyrights to image). No artworks are to be reproduced in any way, unless by me, the artist. No artworks are to be recreated and sold, including any online tutorials. If you are unsure of a copyright issue, please email me at shwetaektare.art@gmail.com for more information.
  2. Returns
    I aim for all information, photographs and shipping information to be as accurate as possible. Therefore all sales are final, except in the case of damage. If your painting has been damaged, if able, make the courier aware upon receipt. You can email me at shwetaektare.art@gmail.com with any problems regarding your order and I will try my best to rectify and issues.
  3. Cancellation
    A customer can cancel their order before the artwork reaches the client. If you are buying a course, there is no cancellation allowed.
  4. Refunds
    In case of cancellation and return, there will be refund given. The amount of refund will be excluding the charges paid for processing the order and cancellation.
  5. Links to third party websites
    The artist is not liable for third party websites
  6. If the User require any information or clarification regarding the use of its Personal Information or this Privacy Policy or grievances with respect to use of its Personal Information, please email shwetaektare.art@gmail.com