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“Shweta’s artworks are really stunning. I always look forward to her artwork as it’s always something new and exciting. She has the ability to capture the intricacies of a scene very beautifully. Her artwork shows a fusion of the innocence of a child and experience of a skilled artist.”

Nilay Doshi

I like Shweta’s unique work. I love it, in fact.  Her  compositions and colors are really great which for me combine exquisite detail and artistry. I must say her dedication to art in her lifelong passion for drawing and painting is inspirational and not to forget her paintings reflect her nature. 

Thank you for the painting.
Keep up the great work.
Looking forward to new paintings.

Ankur Purohit

Ever felt that sudden quiver of understanding which travels from our brain to the heart? That’s what happened to me when I first beheld “Parinda.” Until then, artworks were an alien concept for me. And then, it was like a savage leap of comprehension – an immediate, joyful release of meaning – that I had never felt before. Within those strokes was a reflection of our modern selves – a mix of chaos, harmony, and that peculiar longing for freedom, often felt but seldom expressed.

I just knew that I had to have it.

Ashish Dharnia

It was the 25th wedding anniversary  of my parents and I was desperately looking for the best gift I could give them which would last forever. It was around the same time I had seen one of Shweta’s commissioned charcoal portraits on Instagram and I immediately knew I had found the perfect gift. Everything was a smooth ride from there on and the portrait now adorns our wall and is loved by all our family and friends. Thank you Shweta once again for all your efforts and love.

Arun Nair