I’ve been doing commissions for many years, and it’s one of the most satisfying aspects of my career. I love to bring  my client’s vision to life and create pieces of art that will be cherished forever. If you would like custom paintings from me, I would be absolutely honored to create unique artworks for you.

Understanding the requirement

In order to understand the requirement, I need some basic information like expected size, subject and style of the painting. I also ask my clients to share my previous artworks which they liked, in order to better understand their taste and style.
I also discuss the detailed idea of painting with the client.

Quote and Payment

After understanding the requirement and scope of work, I provide client with the quote, timeline, terms and conditions.
The 50% of the quote is charged in advance and once the painting is completed to your utmost satisfaction, the final balance is due, and your painting will be ready for delivery and installation

Painting Process

Once the advance payment is done, then I provide the idea sketches and colour palettes to choose from. After the finalisation, I start the painting on canvas.
The paintings generally take 3 – 10 weeks, depending on the requirement of the project.
I will work alongside of you throughout the painting process to ensure that you are happy with your personlised art.

Request A Commission

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    Nilay Doshi

    "Shweta's artworks are really stunning. I always look forward to her artwork as it's always something new and exciting. She has the ability to capture the intricacies of a scene very beautifully. Her artwork shows a fusion of the innocence of a child and experience of a skilled artist."

    Ankur Purohit

    I like Shweta's unique work. I love it, in fact. Her compositions and colors are really great which for me combine exquisite detail and artistry. I must say her dedication to art in her lifelong passion for drawing and painting is inspirational and not to forget her paintings reflect her nature.
    Thank you for the painting. Keep up the great work. Looking forward to new paintings

    Ashish Dharnia

    Ever felt that sudden quiver of understanding which travels from our brain to the heart? That's what happened to me when I first beheld "Parinda." Until then, artworks were an alien concept for me. And then, it was like a savage leap of comprehension - an immediate, joyful release of meaning - that I had never felt before. Within those strokes was a reflection of our modern selves - a mix of chaos, harmony, and that peculiar longing for freedom, often felt but seldom expressed.
    I just knew that I had to have it.

    Arun Nair

    It was the 25th wedding anniversary of my parents and I was desperately looking for the best gift I could give them which would last forever. It was around the same time I had seen one of Shweta's commissioned charcoal portraits on Instagram and I immediately knew I had found the perfect gift. Everything was a smooth ride from there on and the portrait now adorns our wall and is loved by all our family and friends. Thank you Shweta once again for all your efforts and love.

    Manish Grampurohit

    I have had the pleasure of collaborating with "platform-independent visual artist" – Shweta Ektare – more than a couple of times. And I am amazed at the degree of artistic maturity she demonstrates.

    Abstract with acrylic on canvas is her favorite, but she is equally skilled and creative on a variety of artistic playgrounds. She can carve an intricate design on the sands of a beach, or create a masterpiece by orchestrating a range of mediums such as charcoal, pencil, microtip, poster colors, watercolors, crayons, acrylic, oil, resins or any other medium.

    She is thoroughly professional and is passionate about creating purely original artwork. She is swift. She understands client requirements to a T and adds her Midas touch to every work she undertakes. I own four of her amazing artworks and can confidently say that her paintings have depth. Her art has multiple dimensions to it. It's like looking through a kaleidoscope. She finds inspiration in every detail of life. Be it poetry, or music, or a critical decision-making point in life, people and their stories, fireflies, petrichor, an ocean, a fairy tale, a dream, anything, and everything. She has an astounding ability to create a visual for something as abstract and yet as real as an emotion.

    Her paintings talk, they make us think, and they become a part of us. She is ever-exploring of new ideas and newer ways to present them in her own unique style.

    I wish her all the success and glory and fascinating revelations on her journey as an artist

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