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Just keep Swimming

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Just keep Swimming
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Just keep Swimming


Somedays, the art feels like magic.

When an artist is in creative flow, they can feel the magic.
It feels like the genie is granting their wish and they are just going to create beauty.

I felt that magic while painting this artwork. I also felt like I was unfolding the mystery.
Therefore I chose fish whose habitats are water bodies containing the mysteriousness of the unknown. It is symbolic of depth of knowledge and subconscious.

Fishes have connections with agility, purposeful movement, and mindful independence. They have to face the rough currents sometimes, just as we do in our lives.
And as Dory said in ‘Finding Nemo’ movie that during tough times, all we need to do is “ Just keep swimming”

Just keep swimming!

Size : 22x28"

Material Used : Acrylic on Canvas

Style : Brush work

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