Project – Zydus Cadila
Calendar and painting project
Curation by Sachin Kaluskar

The calendar of 2021 by Zydus Biovation is a unique idea to promote our own folk arts. We have taken three diversified arts – Madhubani from eastern India, Gond from central India & Kalamkari from Southern India. The calendar proudly depicts happy “Lockdown” stories of our patients through these beautiful arts. Each story is as unique as the traditional art.

The unprecedented COVID 19 event has pushed the world into a new normal era which left most of us clueless about the future. Since the beginning of 2020, the world has been into unforeseen lockdown and limited mobility thereafter. Patients suffering from auto immune diseases have experienced partial or almost zero mobility and they have bounced back to normal life with the entry of Exemptia & Vortuxi in their lives. Over the years, Exepmtia & Vortuxi have successfully facilitated thousands of immobile patients to regain their mobility & dignity in the society.

Bouncing Back” is usually referred to returning to our normal state or activities after having a problem but Bouncing Forward is the key to achieving faster success. After the treatment, most of the patients have experienced faster progress in their health. They become more confident towards worldly affairs

This Calendar of 2021 showcases courageous stories of how our patients dealt with a phenomenon (COVID-19 lockdown) which occurs probably once in hundreds of years. They emerged as winners mainly because of their Doctor’s timely vision & care to provide the dosages on time. Family’s support was like icing on the cake; our patients were well poised to handle the CORONAVIRUS challenge. We have depicted success stories of our patients in creative & light manner using our own traditional arts – Madhubani, Kalamkari & Gond. The reason for choosing the theme is to reciprocate our Nation’s determination to be self-reliant in every eld, art is one of them too. Let us celebrate the vivid colours of India’s rich cultural heritage which has been attracting world’s attention for many years.

Each artwork being a traditional artform, was created in a traditional style, it was first hand-painted on Canvas and then digitized for the Calendar.